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Fellowships & jobs Europe

Job Heidelberg University – PhD position Digitalisation of the Law

In a joint initiative, the Faculties of Law and of Mathematics and Computer Science of Heidelberg University, Germany’s eldest university (established in 1386), in collaboration with Ulm University offer the opportunity to achieve a doctoral degree in the newly founded Doctoral Research Group “Digital Law” for highly qualified graduate students or the opportunity to an associated membership for highly qualified undergraduate students.

For more details about the application process as well as the possibility of obtaining a scholarship, have a look here.

Job University of Groningen – PhD position Security and Safety in the Digital Society

This research project (ESR01) will research: Security and Safety in the Digital Society: Eco-systems enhancing privacy options.

Objectives: The research seeks to propose a comprehensive framework for the protection of the human right to privacy and personal data in the digital society and in particular the digital ecosystems. The framework that will be developed in this research project will derive its elements from human rights law and jurisprudence, security science, and information and technology (IT) governance.

Expected outcomes: The overall result is a dissertation identifying a comprehensive framework for the protection of the human right to privacy and personal data in a complex digital ecosystem. The framework should ensure that the utility that digital ecosystems deliver to citizens does not compromise their human rights and freedoms including the right to privacy and personal data. Thus, the framework will resemble the ideal point at which the benefits of a digital ecosystem and the rights and freedoms of its users co-exist. ESR01 will publish regularly in specialised peer-reviewed journals, participate and present in one workshop and prepare two research reports and a final dissertation.

Main supervisor: Prof dr Jeanne Pia Mifsud Bonnici, University of Groningen.

Co-supervisor: Prof dr Marian Sebe, “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy (MVNIA), Romania.

Planned secondments: at “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy (MVNIA), Romania; Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway and Synergetics NV group (SYN), Belgium.

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Fellowships US

Stanford Law School Empirical Research Fellowship

Assist with the research of Professors John J. Donohue, Jacob Goldin, Daniel Ho, Daniel Kessler and Alison Morantz at Stanford Law School. Designed for graduating seniors or recent college or master’s program graduates, fellowships provide a unique opportunity for those considering graduate school, law school and/or business school in the future.

Prior Research Fellows have matriculated to Ph.D. programs at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, and NYU and law school at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Columbia. They have been drawn from a variety of undergraduate disciplines, including economics, political science, applied math, public policy, statistics, engineering, and computer science.

Successful applicants will be matched with a specific professor based on background and interests. As full-time Stanford University employees, fellows will receive a competitive salary and benefits package, including full medical and dental insurance, access to campus athletic and academic facilities, paid vacation time, professional development funds and the capacity to audit Stanford courses and attend on-campus lectures and seminars free of charge.

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Suffolk University Boston

Suffolk University’s School of Law invites applications for a Clinical Fellow position in the Law Clinical Program department.

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