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While many decades ago, the field of law and technology was focused on the study of intellectual property, more recently, legal scholars have extended their interest in technology to other fields such as the regulation and governance of the Internet, privacy and cybersecurity, data collection, digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The European Law and Technology Network brings together scholars from different nationalities and fields of research that are trying to understand how technology works and how law should respond to its challenges.

Mission Statement

We believe that the advancement of the field of law and technology can greatly benefit from the creation of a stronger network. Launching this website, generating a mailing list for the advertisement of news, events, job postings, and new scholarship, and the organization of workshops are some of the first steps we would like to give in that direction. We welcome suggestions and are happy to facilitate collaboration initiatives between scholars working on different fields of law and technology. Our network is entirely academic and non-commercial. Although we are based in Europe and the research of many of our members focuses on EU law, we invite any scholars working on law and technology to join the network. Our members come from more than twenty-two different countries and do research on a wide array of topics (sharing economy, smart contracts, blockchain, privacy, robots).

About Us

The European Law and Technology Network is an initiative of two scholars affiliated with Dutch universities: Sofia Ranchordas has published extensively on the regulation of digital platforms and comparative public law. She is currently based at Leiden Law School and as of October 1st, 2017, she will be Chair of European & Comparative Public Law and Rosalind Franklin Fellow at Groningen Law School. Sofia is also affiliated with the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Catalina Goanta is an Assistant Professor of Private Law who writes on consumer law, innovation policy, and is behind a number of local and international law and technology initiatives.

 Sofia Ranchordás

Originally from Portugal with Indian roots, Sofia is a Chaired Professor of European and Comparative Public Law and a Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She writes on the regulation of digital platforms, reputational mechanisms, innovation and law, temporary legislation, and privatization. In her scholarship she seeks to understand how technology is challenging traditional public values and how regulators can stimulate innovation without losing sight of the protection of core constitutional and administrative legal principles. Previously to this position, she was an Assistant Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden Law School and Tilburg Law School, and a Resident Fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.

 Catalina Goanta

Catalina is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University, and a research fellow for the Maastricht European Private Law Institute, as well as for the Stanford Transatlantic Technology Law Forum. Her doctoral research focused on measuring legal convergence in European consumer law (Maastricht University & Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law). She currently does research on the impact of tech disruptions on private law, and also conducts research for various projects initiated by the European Commission (e.g. on the sharing economy), where she drafts the Romanian national reports. Catalina also co-founded the Technolawgeeks interdisciplinary network (with Caroline Calomme and Arturo Sánchez Barbado).

 Madalena Narciso

Madalena Narciso is a Portuguese PhD researcher at Maastricht University and a member of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute. Her current research focuses on the impact of online reviews and online platforms on the information paradigm in European consumer law, as well as on the consequences that these technological changes brought to the formation and performance of consumer contracts. Prior to her appointment as a PhD researcher, Madalena graduated from a Bachelor in Law from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and from a Research Master in Law from Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board brings together European academics with a vision for the future of law and technology as a field of research.

Roger Brownsword

 Gijs van Dijck

 Simone van der Hof

Jeanne Mifsud Bonnici

Jan Smits

Ronald Leenen

 Esther van Zimmeren

 Karen Yeung

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